"Baby Sophie"

You should be warned before bringing a Siamese cat into your life: These cats are unlike any other and are not for everyone. Once you own a Siamese, and truly fall in love with one (which is impossible not to), they are very addictive. It’s hard not to want another one (and another, and another).

Siamese cats are incredibly affectionate, extremely intelligent, inquisitive, loyal, trainable and playful. Many people are under the misconception that Siamese cats are mean. If you think this is what the breed is like, please come meet our cats, and they’ll convince you otherwise.

"Ally, Sophie and Cleo"

They are usually good-natured and develop strong bonds with both humans and animals. When raised in a loving home, where their needs (including affection and attention) are well met, they develop powerful, unbreakable attachments to the people and animals in their lives.

They often bond strongly to a single person, but they tend to love everyone else, too, just not as much. They are very social cats. Our cats make a point of introducing themselves to everyone who walks in the door, and it’s not just an introduction. They want you to love them, and show it. Siamese are known to get along well with children, and will even tolerate much more from a child than they will from an adult.

"Sophie and Cleo"

Siamese cats bond for life with other Siamese cats, especially when raised together. These bonds can be so strong, that when one cat passes on, the other cannot cope with the loss and passes on as well. They will get along well with other cats, dogs and sometimes even rabbits. 

Siamese cats are very affectionate. They NEED human companionship, and they will make sure they get it. They are a very demanding breed. They can be stubborn and jealous, and easily offended. It’s not uncommon for a Siamese to ignore a family member for a few days, because they didn’t give it the attention it wanted, when it wanted it.

"Cleo, Bella and Sophie"

Because of their social nature and the need for human companionship, Siamese cats do not generally do well in a single-cat household or when left alone for prolonged periods of time. This includes people who work long hours and are often away from home. If you work long hours and have to have a Siamese, please get two! 

Siamese cats love to be up as high as they possibly can be. Some favourite places are the top of the fridge, fireplace mantles, window ledges, bookshelves and curtain rods (or in Cleo's case - the door frames). Another favourite place of most Siamese is your shoulder. They generally love to sit there and take a ride as you walk around the house, or even if you’re sitting down. Some people say that there are two types of Siamese in this respect: lap and shoulder cats. We find that most we've met don’t really care where they’re sitting as long as it’s on you!


Siamese cats are inquisitive. They want to know everything that is going on in the house, from what’s for dinner to the laundry. Ours love helping us sweep, but have learned that they don’t care for the vacuum. They love when we bring home groceries, because there’s so much to explore. Another favourite passtime for our cats is helping on the computer! They love to type when I’m trying to type and bat at the screen. If we walk away, even for a second, we can be sure at least one of them will be sitting on the keyboard when we get back.


Siamese cats are extremely intelligent. This makes them easily trainable. They will quickly learn to come when called (if they feel like it). They can be taught tricks and games like shake a paw, sit, up/stand, fetch, hide & seek and tag. They love discovering their own tricks too (like opening the fridge and cupboard doors)! They can be trained to walk on a harness.

These cats are also very playful, even into adulthood. Make sure that they have lots of toys. Our cats like craft pipe cleaners (chenille stems) and pompoms, and carry them all over the house.


Siamese cats are usually finicky eaters, and they tend not to chew their food. They also tend to “hoard” things. A favourite of some is socks and they have been known to open drawers to get them (they also open drawers when they feel like sleeping in one). 

Siamese cats are very vocal and communicative. They love to talk, about everything, and will quickly train you to interpret their commands.

"Cleo & Watson"

Siamese cats are great conversationalists, and will talk to you, to each other, and to other animals. Some also like to make noises (chirping) at their prey. They are extremely loud, and it is not uncommon for people to mistake the sounds for the cry of a human baby.

Siamese are known to be one of the longest-lived cat breeds. With proper veterinary care, nutrition and exercise a Siamese can live to be anywhere from 13-20 years old. It is not uncommon for a Siamese to even live past the age of 20.